domenica 6 settembre 2015

Taxi Solair

The Solair is the Taxi fair. I've always been attracted to this vehicle, and the taxi version is amazing.
-Added "TAXI"
-New wheels

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Taxi Elegant

The Elegant is the Taxi fair. I've always been attracted to this vehicle, and the taxi version is amazing.
-Added "TAXI"
-New wheels

venerdì 28 agosto 2015

DFT-30 Truck

New trcuk for GTA SA. I modified the DFT-30 making a Truck in effect. Simple design and great for RolePlay.
-Model 3D textures fixed (Original base by BoB_MARLI(RUS))
-Texture GTA SA Style
-full light
-custom Collision
-New Exhaust


[WIP] Elegant Taxi

Noting the Elegant, it looked really an excellent car like taxi. So I decided to add the sign and different circles to turn it into a taxi.
The first screen work:

Here are the first screen of the DFT-30 Truck:

mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

[WIP] DFT-30 Truck

DFT-30 version trucks. The project is part of a plan to drive change and I always thought of DFT-30 as more than a truck. The result is this. And still a beta and there are still many improvements. Here are some screen:

A small truck and compact. Replace the Tanker Truck.
This is only a Work In Progress, the mod will be published in week.

GTA 3 Kuruma Taxi

New taxis for GTA San Andreas. Taking as a model this time the Kuruma GTA 3 I decided to edit it in a taxi. Different from Kuruma GTA LCS it presents bumper iron. The model is similar but not completely.
-3D Low Poly (GTA SA Style)
-Texture Low (GTA SA Style)
-New Rims
-Custom Collision

New Flatbed Industrial

The new look for a Flatbed, is to have a closed box body for the transport of material. With this mod we have a new truck also excellent servers RolePlay.
-New look
-All Working lights
-Texture fixed
-Collision Custom
-The Weight of mod remains low

domenica 23 agosto 2015

Classic Taxi Los Santos

This model is inspired by the 1987 Chevrolet Caprice version taxis very popular in the US. The vehicle was taken from LVPD and eliminated the possibility of the two colors. Now the vehicle will be of only one color. With the addition of the phrases written on the roof of the vehicle with the TAXI and wheels classic series.
-Model Redefined and elimination of two colors.
-Add New Wheel
-Collision (Original LVPD)
version 1.0

sabato 22 agosto 2015

[WIP] Classic Los Santos Taxi

New job as modified cars of GTA SA. The model is transformed into a LVPD Taxi. The work has to be finished and the publication and still far away. Some more tweaks will is perfect.

[WIP] Blista Compact taxi GTA3 Version

I converted Blista Compact GTA 3 and am creating a taxi version. The result is good although there are still some work to be finished.

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

Taxi Kuruma [0.9]

New modified car on a GTA is a legend. I decided to make a very useful Kuruma Taxi.
-3D Low Poly (GTA SA Style)
-Texture Low (GTA SA Style)
-New Rims
-custom Collision
-1 Extra (front grille)
Version BETA 0.9

martedì 18 agosto 2015

Artict2 Coal 1.0

New Artict2. The trailer has been revised and improved. The new textures allows us to transport coal instead of the usual rocks.
-fixed The distance of the wheels
-Rimossi Any reflections (to give more realism to the metal it is made of the trailer)
-New Texture Coal.
[It requires improvements with version 1.1]

Flatbed 1.0

The true flatbed flatbed to load vehicles.
-Removed The dump
-Collision fix
-Bug (2 Exhaust)

My 2nd Blog

Here I am on my second blog. Here I will create the mod simple vehicles of GTA San Andreas. Simply put simple mod.